Five Puzzle Pieces {Practical Ways to Help Orphans}

by Laura on November 10, 2010

Should you feel stirred with all this talk of orphans,

Should you want to do something, but not know what,

Should you want a puzzle piece to play,

here are some simple ideas of how to love the fatherless, right from your living room couch {mostly}:

1.  Host a Party or Build a Bath House, While You’re At It.  My brother Steven {with the help of his wife, Michelle, and my sister, Amy}, is hosting a fundraising party for Breanna’s House in an effort to raise money for new shower facilities for the 43 girls here.  Their puzzle piece is rallying the troops, hosting a killer party, and raising {hopefully} truckloads of money.  Here’s the video he’ll show at the party of the current conditions of the bath-house  . . .

If you are in the Charlotte area, crash the party! {No, really, RSVP first.  Email me for the info.} Or if you want to give an extra financial gift, give HERE online {Operating Project:  Breanna’s House of Joy, and make a note that the funds are to go to the BATH HOUSE. All gifts tax-deductible.}

2.  Buy a CD from I-Tunes. Spend $10 bucks on a chilled-out, well-crafted, acoustic-y CD a family created to raise funds to bring home an adopted daughter from Ethiopia.  It’s entitled, “Bringing Home Beautiful” (Um, don’t you want to buy it just for the title?  I mean, really, don’t you?).

You can read all about their family and get all the links you need HERE {@The Run A Muck}. I bought it, and I think it will be the soundtrack to the next 17 promo-videos we do of the Home here.  {No, really, I dig it.} While you’re at it, throw in an extra donation for them to adopt.

3.  Mail a Card. Or a Few. DaySpring is offering to create and hand-deliver Christmas cards to children sponsored through Compassion International in Ecuador.  Make a child’s day, or year, by spending five minutes and a few bucks on a personalized card.  Read all about it HERE {@ {In}Courage}.

What a new LEGO-Star-Wars-Mega kit is to my kid at Christmas is what a folded paper card is to hers.  You can also click the BUTTON on my SIDEBAR to take you to DaySpring.

4.  TWEET, FACEBOOK, SHARE, EMAIL, STUMBLE, DIGG, Or Whatever-the-heck-other-social-media-tools-there-are-that-I’m-too-old-to-know-about. Commit to using your social media tools to share every article, post, petition, picture, plea, information, video, or whatever you come across about orphans or needy children {like, for random example, this post}.  Taking the time to bring to the attention of your circle of influence the plight of little ones is an important service you give to them that have no voice. {And, hello, it’s free.}

5.  Watch This.  It’s free, too. {And, then, of course, apply puzzle piece number 4.}  African Child Reciting, “I Am Somebody.” {Less than One Minute Long}

Have any other “Puzzle Piece” ideas you want to share?  Which one of these five things are YOU going to do today/this week?


  • Linda Thomas

    Hi, on my blog and Facebook I’ll let others know about orphans and your work and blog. Thank you for what you’re doing for orphans! I watched the “I am Somebody” video clip and it moves me to tears. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. God bless you!

  • http://facebook Rebekah

    Steven is in Charlotte? Really? Richard & I are in Matthews…just curious where he is and what he is up to? Can you share that with me? Does you mom ever come this direction?


  • Summer

    Thanks for your recent words of encouragement via a blog comment :-)

    May the Lord bless you as you allow your life to spent for the Kingdom!

    Blessings and love from the North,

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