Five Puzzle Pieces {Practical Ways to Help Orphans}

by Laura on November 10, 2010

Should you feel stirred with all this talk of orphans,

Should you want to do something, but not know what,

Should you want a puzzle piece to play,

here are some simple ideas of how to love the fatherless, right from your living room couch {mostly}:

1.  Host a Party or Build a Bath House, While You’re At It.  My brother Steven {with the help of his wife, Michelle, and my sister, Amy}, is hosting a fundraising party for Breanna’s House in an effort to raise money for new shower facilities for the 43 girls here.  Their puzzle piece is rallying the troops, hosting a killer party, and raising {hopefully} truckloads of money.  Here’s the video he’ll show at the party of the current conditions of the bath-house  . . .

If you are in the Charlotte area, crash the party! {No, really, RSVP first.  Email me for the info.} Or if you want to give an extra financial gift, give HERE online {Operating Project:  Breanna’s House of Joy, and make a note that the funds are to go to the BATH HOUSE. All gifts tax-deductible.}

2.  Buy a CD from I-Tunes. Spend $10 bucks on a chilled-out, well-crafted, acoustic-y CD a family created to raise funds to bring home an adopted daughter from Ethiopia.  It’s entitled, “Bringing Home Beautiful” (Um, don’t you want to buy it just for the title?  I mean, really, don’t you?).

You can read all about their family and get all the links you need HERE {@The Run A Muck}. I bought it, and I think it will be the soundtrack to the next 17 promo-videos we do of the Home here.  {No, really, I dig it.} While you’re at it, throw in an extra donation for them to adopt.

3.  Mail a Card. Or a Few. DaySpring is offering to create and hand-deliver Christmas cards to children sponsored through Compassion International in Ecuador.  Make a child’s day, or year, by spending five minutes and a few bucks on a personalized card.  Read all about it HERE {@ {In}Courage}.

What a new LEGO-Star-Wars-Mega kit is to my kid at Christmas is what a folded paper card is to hers.  You can also click the BUTTON on my SIDEBAR to take you to DaySpring.

4.  TWEET, FACEBOOK, SHARE, EMAIL, STUMBLE, DIGG, Or Whatever-the-heck-other-social-media-tools-there-are-that-I’m-too-old-to-know-about. Commit to using your social media tools to share every article, post, petition, picture, plea, information, video, or whatever you come across about orphans or needy children {like, for random example, this post}.  Taking the time to bring to the attention of your circle of influence the plight of little ones is an important service you give to them that have no voice. {And, hello, it’s free.}

5.  Watch This.  It’s free, too. {And, then, of course, apply puzzle piece number 4.}  African Child Reciting, “I Am Somebody.” {Less than One Minute Long}

Have any other “Puzzle Piece” ideas you want to share?  Which one of these five things are YOU going to do today/this week?


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Linda Thomas November 10, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Hi, on my blog and Facebook I’ll let others know about orphans and your work and blog. Thank you for what you’re doing for orphans! I watched the “I am Somebody” video clip and it moves me to tears. Thanks so much for letting us know about it. God bless you!
Linda Thomas recently posted..Life passes so quickly…


Rebekah November 10, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Steven is in Charlotte? Really? Richard & I are in Matthews…just curious where he is and what he is up to? Can you share that with me? Does you mom ever come this direction?



Summer November 11, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Thanks for your recent words of encouragement via a blog comment :-)

May the Lord bless you as you allow your life to spent for the Kingdom!

Blessings and love from the North,


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