Latitude 18

by Laura on November 16, 2010

As usual, all photo credit goes to the hubby {and his really nice camera and his MacBook}.  He can cook, he’s still hot after 11 years, and he can take sweet pictures.  Man, I’m glad I married that guy.

Photos are of:  Village on the River outside of Chiang Rai, Village Scenes, HillTribe Girl in Traditional Dress, Ava and a Lady at a Market, the Sacred “White Temple” in Chiang Rai, SE Asia.

  • kendal

    Oh, Laura. Awesome pictures. Awesome! You’ve got a great guy! May I use some of these pictures with my students when we study Thailand this year?

    • Laura

      Kendal–absolutely. Use whatever you want. Too bad its the middle of the night for me here when you will have class, or i would totally skype in with your students!! Use whatever you’d like, of course. But, thanks for asking, too. :)

      Love, Laura

  • @ngie

    Wow, these are stunning shots. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sharon

    Excellent shots, and hooray for another macsnob! just kidding. great shots, makes me kinda ‘homesick’ for the Philippines.

  • Amy Sullivan

    Thank you for these amazing pictures. I feel as if I get a little peek into your life! Hope single parenting is going well…I know when my husband is gone it can be draining!

    • Laura

      Amy, Sharon, @ngie, Kendal, Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. There’s something about a nice camera and having such gorgeous beauty– in people and in place– to photograph! Hope yall are having great days, L

  • julia

    wow. fabulous pictures!!!!!!!!! looks so beautiful over there!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog from (in)courage. it’s so nice to meet other Christian women. i see your hubby is doing some stuff with kids over there?? i can’t imagine living in a foreign country. i think i get a little too comfortable in my little box.

    i watched the gas pump video…. hilarious!! but yes, so true.

    anyway, i look forward to reading more from you!!

  • Christian

    Those shots are incredible. I really love the one of the white temple. Incredible.

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